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'The Lego Ninjago Movie' review: Weak story knocks franchise down a peg

Chicago Tribune

If you're of a certain age and childless, it's entirely possible you haven't the foggiest idea what a "Ninjago" — of the latest Lego movie — might be. Apparently it is both a show and a toy, but that's as far as I got into the Wikipedia article. With the wild success of both "The Lego Movie" and "The Lego Batman Movie," released just earlier this year, it stands to reason that Warner Bros. would strike while the iron is hot and churn out more Lego-themed movies, like "The Lego Ninjago Movie," which sadly proves that when it comes to the super fun Lego movies, there can be diminishing returns. The genius of "The Lego Movie" and "The Lego Batman Mavie" lies in the extremely high joke density of those films, which are thick with verbal and visual gags, nearly overwhelming in their detailed specificity to both the Lego character style, and the incredibly rich worlds and mythology created around these little plastic toys. "Ninjago," directed by Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan, and credited to no less than nine screenwriters (including Fisher and Logan) doesn't quite maintain that level of mania that make both "Movie" and "Batman" deliriously fun. Signaled by the vintage WB logo at the beginning, and a live-action opening featuring Jackie Chan as a kindly shop owner telling the story o…

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How Hollywood got over the summer blockbuster

Chicago Tribune

If the movie business were an actual movie -- say, a cliche action film -- August would've been that point 90 minutes in when the hero gets kicked in the teeth, the bad guy takes the girl hostage, and all seems lost. As far as ticket sales are concerned, this summer really bombed -- especially last month. But it wasn't a total surprise: Hollywood held back some of its biggest bets and didn't even bother rolling out a major film on Labor Day weekend, cementing its worst summer in a decade (or two decades, if you account for inflation). Life, however, is about to imitate art. Like our hero's e…

'Lady Bird,' 'Shape of Water' added to Chicago film fest titles

Chicago Tribune

The 53rd Chicago International Film Festival line-up is now complete, and the titles announced Monday include two of the fall season’s most acclaimed American works: Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut “Lady Bird,” co-starring Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts (in support of headliner Saoirse Ronan), and the Guillermo del Toro fantasy “The Shape of Water.” “Lady Bird,” writer-director Gerwig’s coming-of-age-in-Sacramento tale, serves as the festival’s centerpiece attraction. Closing night: “The Shape of Water,” with costar Michael Shannon (another Chicago theater legend turned busy film and TV pre…