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You, Too, Can Marry Like a Royal

The New York Times

When Alyssa Levintov, a dentist from Cleveland, got married two years ago, she decided to make her wedding as regal as possible. For the location, Mrs. Levintov, 27, chose the ballroom at the Rockleigh Country Club in New Jersey, a grand room with marble dance floors, crystal chandeliers, gold chairs and gilded fireplaces. “It really looked like someone’s palace,” she said. For their first dance she and her husband, Nick Levintov, 30, commissioned a dancer to compose a Cinderella-like waltz. Photo Alyssa and Nick Levintov chose the Rockleigh Country Club in New Jersey for their wedding. The club’s grand ballroom features marble dance floors, crystal chandeliers and gilded fireplaces. Credit Greyline Photography She wore a poofy, A-line wedding dress, the type Disney princesses wear. She even spent a few thousand dollars on a custom-made tiara designed in a style similar to the ones worn by Queen Elizabeth II. “I figured this was the one time I could feel like a princess or a queen,” she said. “God willing you only get married once in your life.” Advertisement Continue reading the main story On May 19, the world will be watching as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry say their vows in St. George’s Chapel at England’s Windsor Castle. Some spectators might be looking on the royals, with their castle backdrop, carriage procession and lemon elderflower cake, with envy.…