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Vows: Headfirst With a Helmet, and Headlong Without

The New York Times

Courtney Webb and Ryan Spencer were dating for less than eight months before they decided to take the plunge. “My parents were like, ‘Whoa, are you sure you’re ready to get married? This is moving along really, really fast, but if you’re happy, we’re happy,’” said Ms. Webb, 29, who lives in Manhattan and is a founder of TriMix Fitness, a fitness studio in Greenwich, Conn. “I guess you could say we’ve had a whirlwind romance,” she said. “But I’m someone who has become used to moving along pretty quickly.” Ms. Webb, who is hoping to qualify as a skeleton athlete at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, has indeed been moving along rapidly the past few years. In fact, she has taken hundreds of other whirlwind plunges, each aboard a one-person sled that sends her soaring down and around a twisted icy track — sometimes for more than a mile — at speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. Advertisement Continue reading the main story “She’s pretty incredible at what she does,” said Mr. Spencer, 34, who met Ms. Webb in November 2016 on Mutual, a dating app for Mormons. Continue reading the main story In late November of that year, Ms. Webb was focused on returning to Park City to attend a third combine when Mr. Spencer, suitcases in hand, entered her life. And though he was soon gone, he would not soon forget her. “I left the restaurant that day and called a friend and said, ‘Wow! …

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Designer flaunts high-powered execs at first fashion show

New York Post

New York Fashion Week may be over, but designers aren’t done boasting about the Hollywood A-listers who attended their shows. The names being dropped aren’t of the Gwyneth Paltrow or Kim Kardashian variety, however. Carlisle, a Big Apple apparel designer that caters to high-powered executives — those who can afford its $600 dresses and $800 jackets — boasts that those attended its first-ever fashion show are more of the C-suite variety. CEOs Amy Schecter of Glamsquad and Michele Heary of Vhernier, and Ann Leahy, director of Kendo Brands, paid their respects to the 30-year-old brand, which …

The surprising engineering behind Olympic skaters’ costumes

New York Post

This past Tuesday, US figure skater Mirai Nagasu made history. So did a woman named Pat Pearsall. You might already be familiar with Nagasu: The American skater’s unprecedented triple axel — and fist-pumping, whooping celebration — earned her a top trending spot on Twitter that night. Everyone cheered for the 24-year-old in the ruby-red dress. As for Pearsall? Well, she’s the designer to thank for that now-iconic costume — and, in a tiny way, for making sure Nagasu nailed that momentous jump. Figure skater Mirai NagasuEPA “With a triple axel in her program, Mirai didn’t want anything we…

The best of New York Fashion Week

New York Post

Whoever says New York Fashion Week is dead isn’t paying attention. There may have been fewer shows this season than in seasons past, but sometimes less means more. Here are some of this week’s highlights, from breakthrough trends to heavy political statements. Hot pink became haute pink Ulla Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La RentaGetty; AP Who would’ve thought fuschia? This season’s breakout hue is a brighter, bolder version of its sister shade, millennial pink. For the truly committed, look to Marc Jacobs, whose models rocked feathered hairstyles that matched their haute pink frocks. Deni…

These NYFW vagina wigs speak for themselves

New York Post

This year’s New York Fashion Week has been awash with fresh and flirty florals, statement hosiery, and quirky, unexpected hair accessories. But we’re not just talking about hair up there. On the Kaimin runway — a South Korean designer who has dressed the likes of Lady Gaga and Bjork — a bevy of winged eyeliner-adorned models presented the label’s 2018 Spring / Summer collection, “Oriental Garden.” And, while the new collection was rather flashy (think fierce, studded leather blazers, iridescent raincoats cinched at the waist, and structured tulle bo…

Animal activists protest Marc Jacobs show

New York Post

Remember the good old days of Fashion Week, when PETA protesters would bum-rush the runway and throw cream pies at Anna Wintour’s fur coat? Animal lovers brought a little bit of that magic back at Marc Jacobs’ Wednesday night show. Animal-rights activists marched to the Park Avenue Armory uptown, carrying signs that bore PETA logos and slogans like “Fur Is Dead.” They chanted, “Marc Jacobs, animal abuser!” and “shame, shame, shame on you” as guests made their way into the tony venue. According to Daily Beast editor Tim Teeman, the protesters c…

Hurrah, people actually ate this Fashion Week

New York Post

The fashion industry is often criticized for promoting unhealthy body images. (“Don’t feed the models,” anyone?) But this year’s Fashion Week was positively snack-tacular. Everyone from rising designer Snow Xue Gao to the established likes of Calvin Klein incorporated food and drinks into their foodie-friendly set designs. Read on for some of the tasty highlights. Rosie Assoulin Let them eat cake! Rosie Assoulin’s fall presentation, staged at Spring Studios, was stacked with tasty treats, including a crepe station, blue-dyed tea, hard boiled eggs and cheesecake made to lo…

How Elegant, How Lethal

The New York Times

LONDON — “Everything about scissors is double-edged,” said the curator Teresa Collenette, whose personal collection is at the heart of “The Secret Life of Scissors,” a new exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. “They are both creative and destructive.” Double-edged, too, in their association with life and death: The stork-shaped pair from your grandmother’s sewing basket pays tribute to the role scissors played in childbirth. The midwife, passing the time with embroidery while she waited for a baby, would snip threads with blades that would later clamp the umbilical cord. In M…

Model calls it: ‘Fashion Week is dead’

New York Post

Say a prayer, folks. “Fashion Week is dead.” That’s the pronouncement of Shaun Ross, the outspoken model-turned-singer who gained fame as the first male albino catwalk star. “It really is dead,” the pansexual strutter tells The Post at LaQuan Smith’s runway show on Wednesday. “I could care less about the shows.” Instead, he came to support Smith, he says. “I’ve known him since I was 17. We’ve both been hustling, and it’s time he gets the respect he deserves.” (Indeed, Smith is now a favorite of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Serena Williams.) And while Ross also praised labels Telfar and the Blonds…

Puppy models take over the Fashion Week catwalk

New York Post

Who let the dogs out? Downtown’s Gauntlett Cheng, an underground brand beloved by Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, sent eight pooches down the catwalk for its Sunday Fashion Week show. Dog-loving label leaders Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng presented their latest gender-bending collection titled “Happy and Healthy” at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery. Childlike floral dresses and Swiss-cheese-inspired knits (a fan-favorite fabric from their second collection) made an appearance at the parish hall, along with zany outerwear stamped with a kitschy print of suns, moons and puppies. The best part…

Why Jenna Lyons hasn’t posted on Instagram yet

New York Post

Jenna Lyons has over 8,000 Instagram followers and no posts — which might be the perfect metaphor for this moment in the style star’s career. “I can see what’s going on in the world, but I don’t want to know how many likes I have,” the former president and executive creative director of J.Crew tells WWD. The trendsetter goes on to explain that her future, much like her Insta, is a clean slate right now. Since leaving J.Crew last April with a million-dollar severance, she has taken “lunches,” she says, but hasn’t made any big moves yet. The 49-year-old fashionista isn’t even sure that she w…