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Azzedine Alaïa, Fashion’s Most Independent Designer, Is Dead at 82

The New York Times

Azzedine Alaïa, one of the greatest and most uncompromising designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, has died in Paris. He was 82. The cause was a heart attack. His company confirmed the news. Known as a sculptor of the female form, and worn by women from Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga, Mr. Alaïa was equally famous for his rejection of the fashion system, and his belief that it had corrupted the creative power of what could be an art form. He rarely hewed to the official show calendar, preferring to reveal his work when he deemed it ready, as opposed to when retailers or press demanded it. ,"credit":"Ed Alcock for The New York Times","image_crops":,"videoSixteenByNine495":,"thumbWide":,"largeHorizontalJumbo":,"articleLarge":,"hpLarge":,"mediumThreeByTwo440":,"largeHorizontal375":,"thumbLarge":,"mediumFlexible177":,"videoSixteenByNine540":,"square320":,"square640":,"moth":,"videoSmall":,"thumbStandard":,"videoSixteenByNine225":,"smallSquare252":,"articleInline":,"watch308":,"hpSmall":,"videoFifteenBySeven2610":,"slide":,"videoSixteenByNine96":,"master1050":,"watch268":,"master495":,"largeWidescreen573":,"sfSpan":,"jumbo":,"videoSixteenByNine150":,"videoSixteenByNine390":,"mediumSquare149":,"largeWidescreen1050":,"videoSixteenByNine310":,"videoSixteenByNine1050":,"master180":,"smallSquare168":,"mediumThreeByTwo225":,"verticalTwoByThree735":,"facebookJumbo":,"filmstrip":,"master31…

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The ‘chic French girl’ myth is total BS, French women say

New York Post

Vive les frumps françaises! The likes of Vogue, Refinery29 and books such as “Bringing Up Bébé” and “Une Femme Française” would have you believe that Parisians are the chicest, most evolved creatures on the planet. But in real life, those French gals can be just as lumpy, gauche and neurotic as we ugly Américaines — and they’re totally okay with that. “I am not interested in fashion, my friends who have kids stress out when their children throw a fuss on the street and we all have crazy love lives,” says Parisian-born Myrtille Beauvert, a 35-year-old publicist who now lives in Bed-Stuy. “We…

Melania’s stylist is designing clothes for commoners now

New York Post

Melania fans: Now you, too, can dress like FLOTUS! The first lady’s stylist Hervé Pierre, who designed her sculptural white inauguration gown, is launching his own line of dresses, according to Women’s Wear Daily. But unlike the Donald’s chintzy ties or Ivanka’s made-in-China footwear, the dresses in this First Lady-adjacent brand won’t be cheap. WWD reports that the 12 navy and black dresses in Pierre’s first collection will run between $1,700 and $7,000. Pierre tells the fashion paper that his classy, well-heeled clients are the kind of women who prefer to be “under-the-radar, wearing be…

High-tech heels transform into flats with the push of a button

New York Post

A start-up footwear maker is trying to steal the hearts of Manolo-loving New York fashionistas with a high-tech high heel that can be converted into a comfortable flat at the press of a button. Runway Heels has infused the new pumps with technology designed by Silicon Valley engineers, which allows the heels to retract into the shoe in a few seconds whenever the wearer wants to go from business to pleasure. “As a commuter, working mom and a former flight attendant I saw the need for a more versatile shoe,” said company owner Melody Avecilla. The Los Angeles entrepreneur said she got the id…

Behold, a very millennial Christmas tree ornament

New York Post

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s avocado toast: eating it, Instagramming it and, now, hanging it from their Christmas trees, in the form of a new ornament from Sur la Table. The handblown baubles ring in at $17 — not too far off from, say, the much-’grammed $15 avo toast at NYC hotspot De Maria. As Cosmopolitan reported, before you make the obvious joke, just know the internet has beat you to it: $17 avocado toast ornaments at Sur La Table are why millennials can't afford houses. — Danielle Alberti 🦃 (@DanielleAlberti) November 16, 2017 …