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Cheyenne couple braves Hurricane Irma, gets home safely

The Washingon Times + 1 other

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Roger and Sydney Davies were prepared for sun tans, snorkeling expeditions and dips in the resort pool when they arrived Sept. 1 at the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Thomas. Then they got an email. “It said, ‘We’ve got a hurricane, and you might want to consider not coming,’” Roger said. On Sept. 6, the Davieses would find themselves in a sweaty hotel room, surrounded by candles, waiting for Hurricane Irma to pass. The Category 5 storm ripped through the U.S. Virgin Islands last week, killing at least three people and stranding thousands of others without food or resources. The Davieses would make it to Puerto Rico, New York City and Denver before the ordeal was over, but the couple and their family said they’re using this experience to help educate others. “WE WERE GOING TO BE IN FOR A RIDE” Irma was just a blip off the coast of Africa when Roger and Sydney left for vacation with Sydney’s cousin and her husband. The couple was slightly concerned about the storm, but Marriott assured them everything would be fine. “I don’t think they anticipated this hurricane,” Roger said. By the time the Davieses arrived in St. Thomas, people were scheduling flights off the island, and the couple had to decide whether to stay or go. They decided to go on with the vacation. Roger and Sydney sat out by t…

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4 US monuments to be scaled back hold artifacts, key habitat

The Washingon Times + 1 other

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendation to shrink four sprawling national monuments in the U.S. West jeopardizes protections for ancient cliff dwellings, scenic canyons and habitat for endangered fish and threatened Mojave desert tortoises. The recommendations, revealed in a leaked memo submitted to the White House, would scale back two huge Utah monuments - Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante - along with Nevada’s Gold Butte and Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou. The monuments encompass an area larger than Connecticut and were created by Democratic …

Curacao is a foodie's paradise

FOX News + 2 other

 (Curacao Tourist Board) Owing to its Dutch colonial history, the island of Curaçao has always stood out for its multicultural, unusually cosmopolitan atmosphere. At any time, you’re likely to hear English, Dutch, Spanish, and the local Papiamentu, with over 50 nationalities represented on an island of just 160,000. There is any number of ways to explore those cultural influences. But one is always the most fun: the food. For the adventurous palate, travelling to Curaçao is like touring a dozen nations at once. Unlike more densely populated tou…

Zinke would allow trees to be cut at Katahdin Woods & Waters

The Washingon Times + 1 other

MILLINOCKET, Maine (AP) - Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke wants to allow trees to be cut on parts of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and to ensure that “traditional uses” like snowmobiling and hunting are taken into account in a management plan that’s being drawn up. Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin, whose district contains the land, said Zinke’s recommendations “strike the right balance in protecting Maine jobs and our way of life.” But his recommendations including “active timber management” to promote healthy forest on the 87,500-a…

'Sharks' exhibit at National Geographic highlights photographer Brian Skerry's work

The Washingon Times + 1 other

Try not to hear the “Jaws” theme. Granted, it remains arguably the best thriller movie of all time, but it’s also arguable that Steven Spielberg’s 1975 masterpiece gave sharks a bit of an image problem they’re still trying to recover from. Thankfully, photographer Brian Skerry has been working for decades to do just that, taking his camera into the sharks’ domain to show that they are far from the mindless, evil killers portrayed in the increasingly terrible “Jaws” sequels and all of their even lesser spawn (“Sharknado” franchise, I&#…

California condor takes flight in wild after near extinction

The Washingon Times + 1 other

BIG SUR, Calif. (AP) - The endangered California condor is making a slow but steady comeback in the wild three decades after the giant bird went nearly extinct. Biologists attribute the revival to captive-breeding programs and reduced use of lead ammunition near condor feeding grounds. One of the world’s largest birds, the condor once patrolled the sky from Mexico to British Columbia. But its population plummeted in the 20th century due to hunting, habitat destruction and lead poisoning. There are now roughly 450 condors, including about 270 in the wild in California, Arizona, Utah and …

Japan's 'Cat Heaven Island' wants Ed Sheeran to stop by for a visit

FOX News + 1 other

close 'Cat Heaven Island' begs Ed Sheeran to visit A Japanese island with almost as many cats as people really wants singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran to perform there so much that it created a music video begging the English star to visit Ed Sheeran will be making stops in Toyko and Osaka when his Divide Tour travels through Japan at the end of October, but his trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Japan’s quirky “Cat Heaven Island” — or so says the tourism department of Japan’s quirky “Cat Heaven Island.” Earlier this month, the official You…

Airplane draws Texas Longhorns logo with flight path

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Trending in Travel Dead man found in Kansas airport parking lot eight months after he went missing …