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What is Up ?

First time on What.IsUp ? Want to discover what you are on ? Let us expose to you our idea of the news

What is the idea behind What.IsUp ?

The idea behind this news portal is to spend the lowest amount of time to have a global overview of the headlines, without suppressing the possibility to dig into the subjects that really matter for you.


The What.IsUp team think time is precious nowaday, especially yours. So we tell yourselves we should be able to see the main headlines at a glance, without being obliged to search all the newspaper websites.
That is why we aggregate all the news from many newspapers, the more we can, and display to you only the essential news.


Being informed is good, but being well informed is better. Information leads our world, so What.IsUp try its best to present to you as many sources for the same news. Thus, you can choose to read articles only from one newspaper, the one you prefer, or you a cross the newspapers to make a better opinion on a global subject.

The reader really matters

Access to the news should be easy and adapted to each one. What.IsUp was thought to yours, to be adapted to the reader.
If you find that we fail in that, or something does not suit you, please come to tell us, we will do our best to satisfy you.


What.IsUp is an RSS reader that, unlike any other, compute and sort the information before showing it to you. Our homemade software aggregate the information from a lot of RSS feed found on different newspaper websites, compute it thank to our own algorithms , and then show it to you. Every hours, the RSS feeds are retrived to have the most real-time information to display to you.