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A Visit Behind the Lines: President Trump Heads to California

The New York Times

LOS ANGELES — Since Donald J. Trump was elected president in November 2016, he has paid visits to Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, West Virginia, Florida and Wisconsin. He has gone to New York, New Jersey and Maryland. The president has even found time to stop off in Hawaii. But there is one state where Mr. Trump’s absence has been particularly glaring: California, the West Coast bastion of the Democratic Party. That is about to change. The president arrives in California on Tuesday morning for a brief trip into what the White House presumably views as enemy territory. The visit comes a week after Attorney General Jeff Sessions sued the state over three newly enacted immigration laws, contending that they were unconstitutional. In response, Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, said that Mr. Trump was “basically going to war” with California. The governor sent Mr. Trump a letter Monday in which he heralded California’s economic success in recent years and quoted another Republican president — George W. Bush — in arguing that the state’s economic well-being was critical to the nation’s prosperity. Advertisement Continue reading the main story “Our prosperity is not built on isolation,” Mr. Brown added. “Quite the opposite. California thrives because we welcome immigrants and innovators from across the globe.” Continue reading the main story It is the first time …

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The Latest: Demonstrators gather for Trump's San Diego visit

The Washingon Times

SAN DIEGO (AP) - The Latest on President Donald Trump's visit to California to view border wall prototypes (all times local): 10:20 a.m. Several dozen protesters are demonstrating in San Diego outside the nation's busiest border crossing against President Donald Trump and his plans to build more towering barriers on ...

California's top prosecutor emerges as Trump nemesis

NBC News

LOS ANGELES — Xavier Becerra played a fair amount of poker in his younger days. So, when the California attorney general thinks today about his most frequent adversary, President Donald Trump, he recalls players who came to the table with massive stacks of chips. The high rollers could be intimidating. “You know this guy can bet big anytime he wants,” Becerra said recently in Sacramento. “But, more often than not, those guys with those massive trays of chips would lose, because there is always someone at the table who knows how to play those guys. And I am thinking that is the way it i…

Trump's visit to California comes amid frayed relations

The Washingon Times

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Donald Trump is coming - at last - to the state he loves to hate, setting foot in California for his first time as president. This is turf he lost to Democrat Hillary Clinton by more than 4 million votes in 2016. He has mocked its judges for blocking his agenda, sued over its lax enforcement of immigration laws and threatened to pull out federal agents. But there’s something he’s dying to see here: the prototypes for his long-promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. And there’s something he’s eager to do here: raise cash from the Beverly Hills crowd. …

Ready for their close-up: Trump inspects border wall prototypes

NBC News

The future of President Donald Trump's promised border wall with Mexico lies in massive pieces in the California desert, waiting for his inspection Tuesday in his first visit to the state as president. En route to a fundraiser, Trump will personally examine eight recently constructed prototypes for the wall near the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego in order to, as he has put it, "pick the right one." Supporters of the wall, and of Trump, have called the wall a necessary deterrent to illegal border crossings, while critics — including California Gov. Jerry Brown — consider it divisive an…

In California, Trump Attacks Jerry Brown and ‘Sanctuary Policies’

The New York Times

SAN DIEGO — President Trump ventured into what his team regards as enemy territory on Tuesday and it was not a peace mission. In his first visit as president to California, the blue bastion of liberal resistance, Mr. Trump unloaded on the Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, and called on Congress to punish jurisdictions in the state that do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. “Governor Brown does a very poor job running California,” Mr. Trump said during a visit to the Mexican border where he inspected prototypes of the wall he wants to build. “They have the highest taxes in the …

The Latest: Activists say Trump not welcome at the border

The Washingon Times

SAN DIEGO (AP) - The Latest on California's reaction to President Donald Trump's visit to San Diego to see border wall prototypes and plans to protest his visit. (all times local): 12:30 p.m. Immigrant activists, church leaders and local elected officials are calling for demonstrations to show President Donald Trump ...

Anti-wall crowd shouts at border crossing before Trump visit

The Washingon Times

SAN DIEGO (AP) - Dozens of demonstrators protested President Donald Trump's proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall Tuesday, shouting and holding signs at the busiest U.S. border crossing Tuesday before he inspects prototypes intended to guide future construction. Protesters chanted, "No ban! No wall!" near the San Ysidro border crossing, where tens ...

California Today: California Today: ‘We Are Focusing on Bridges, Not Walls,’ Brown Says to Trump

The New York Times

Good morning. (Want to get California Today by email? Here’s the sign-up.) With a handful of exceptions — North Korea comes to mind — there are few governments that have worse relations with President Trump than California. Which makes Mr. Trump’s visit to San Diego and Beverly Hills on Tuesday, his first journey to California since he became president, a particularly fraught moment. Mr. Trump will tour prototypes of the border wall in San Diego before heading to a Republican fund-raiser in Beverly Hills. The police are girding for demonstrations. His visits here in 2016 resulted in tense clas…

Flush with cash and bracing for November, the RNC builds an army

NBC News

WASHINGTON — Flush with cash and bracing for a challenging midterm election season, the Republican National Committee is preparing to deploy more staffers on the ground in key races than it has at this point in any election in the party's history. The RNC will add an additional 170 permanent staffers to its field program by the end of March, more than doubling the number already in the field to over 300. And the party expects to add 200 more before before the start of the summer. "Our record-breaking fundraising has fueled our ability to continue our permanent, data-driven field progra…