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Trump family makes late push for GOP candidate in PA special election

New York Post

President Trump touted “steel and business” Monday as he made an 11th-hour push to sway voters in a tight race for a western Pennsylvania House seat that could have national repercussions. Trump visited the district twice to boost Republican Rick Saccone and slam his special Democratic rival, Conor Lamb, including at a raucous rally near...

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Conor Lamb avoids Donald Trump in Pennsylvania campaign

The Washingon Times

WAYNESBURG, Pa. — For more than an hour, union leaders rallied support Sunday for Democrat Conor Lamb in his special congressional race against Republican Rick Saccone without mentioning President Trump a single time. Mr. Trump struck a different note less than 24 hours earlier when he appeared at a rally that ...

5 reasons Pennsylvania's special election matters

NBC News

PITTSBURGH — On the surface, the special election in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District on Tuesday isn't much to get excited about. It's an off-year election in a district that will be redrawn by November because of a fight over the state's congressional map. And yet the candidates, the two parties and outside interest groups have combined to spend eight figures on ads designed to help Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone or Democrat Conor Lamb, a Marine corps veteran and former federal prosecutor. That's because the stakes are much higher than they may appear, not ju…

Pennsylvania House Race, in a District Trump Won by 20 Points, Is Too Close to Call

The New York Times

CANONSBURG, Pa. — The Democrat and Republican in a special House election in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Trump country were divided by a few hundred votes in a race that was too close to call early Wednesday — an ominous sign for Republicans in a district that Donald J. Trump won by nearly 20 percentage points. With 100 percent of votes counted, Conor Lamb, a Democrat, was clinging to a 579-vote lead over Rick Saccone, a Republican. But a few thousand absentee ballots had not yet been counted, suggesting that no winner would be declared until later in the day, at the earliest. And it was possi…

Pennsylvania special election could turn on labor support

NBC News

CARNEGIE, Pa. — Rick Saccone, the Republican nominee in Tuesday's House special election here, has managed a rare feat in modern politics: He's unified organized labor. The problem, for him, is the unions are against him — not just across industries but from the leadership through much of the rank and file. If Saccone loses the race in the 18th congressional district, a once-solidly Republican swath of southwestern Pennsylvania where President Donald Trump won by 20 percentage points in 2016, it will be in part because he alienated labor voters by supporting policies designed to shrink…

Rick Saccone, Conor Lamb Pennsylvania race too close to call after polls close

The Washingon Times

The race between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb was too close to call Tuesday night, hours after the polls closed in a special congressional race that had shined a light on western Pennsylvania and the Rust Belt politics that helped fuel the rise of President Trump. Polls closed at 8 p.m. in the 18th Congressional District, which stretches from southwest suburbs of Pittsburgh to rural counties along the West Virginia border. With 99 percent of the vote counted, Mr. Lamb, a former Marine and federal prosecutor, clung to 49.9 percent to 49.5 percent lead over Mr. Saccone —…

Race between Conor Lamb, Rick Saccone cost $16 million so far

The Washingon Times

This week's special congressional election being held in Pennsylvania has been a costly affair — particularly given that seat likely won't exist in 10 months. An estimated $16 million has been spent over the last 100 days to influence voters ahead of Tuesday, when voters will choose between Republican Rick ...

This is what's at stake for Trump and Congress in the deadlocked Pennsylvania special election


show chapters Jacob Pramuk | CNBC Rick Saccone meeting with supporters at a rally on Monday in Waynesburg, PA. Concerns about the strength of Saccone's campaign and candidacy have contributed to Republican worries, GWU's Billet said. Lamb has a distinct fundraising edge. Trump has even privately called Saccone a "weak" candidate, Axios reported, citing four sources. In a statement to Axios, Saccone said he looks forward to "working with [Trump] to continue to deliver on the promises made." He added that he "could not have asked for a stronger endorsement of our campaign…

Pennsylvania’s Special House Election: What to Watch For

The New York Times

President Trump handed the Democratic candidate, Conor Lamb, a biting nickname. Outside Republican groups poured in over $10 million to prop up their choice, Rick Saccone. And Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said a Democratic victory could demonstrate how to reclaim some voters who abandoned the party in 2016. All this, for a House race in a Pittsburgh-area district that will probably cease to exist for the next election cycle this year. The special election Tuesday pits Mr. Lamb, a former Marine and federal prosecutor, against Mr. Saccone, a state representative and Air Force veteran, to …

Democrat Conor Lamb seizes the lead in tight Pennsylvania special election, poll says


show chapters Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images Conor Lamb, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, left, greets an attendee after speaking during a campaign rally with members of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., on Sunday, March 11, 2018. "This district has voted overwhelmingly Republican in recent elections, but a large number of these voters have blue-collar Democratic roots. Lamb seems to have connected with them," Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University…

Donald Trump touts another endorsement for Rick Saccone

The Washingon Times

President Trump touted another endorsement for Republican candidate Rick Saccone on Monday ahead of the special election in Pennsylvania. "The Pittsburgh Post Gazette just endorsed Rick Saccone for Congress. He will be much better for steel and business. Very strong on experience and what our Country needs. Lamb will always ...

Highly contested race for Pennsylvania House seat too close to call

New York Post

Democrats pushed a Republican stronghold to the brink late Tuesday night, making a photo finish of a deep-red Pennsylvania congressional district that President Trump carried by nearly 20 percentage points. Former federal prosecutor Conor Lamb and state Rep. Steve Saccone fought to a virtual draw in a special election in southwest Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District...